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Francisco Aguilar Meléndez

Francisco Aguilar Meléndez

I’m only human

This is a demo site built entirely using Blowfish. It also contains a complete set of theme documentation. Blowfish is flexible and is great for both static page-based content (like this demo) or a traditional blog with a feed of recent posts.

This is a demo of the background layout.

Explore the sample pages to get a feel for what Blowfish can do. If you like what you see, check out the project on Github or read the Installation guide to get started.


Welcome to Blowfish
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Blowfish is packed with tons of features.
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Simply follow the standard Hugo Quick Start procedure to get up and running quickly.
Getting Started
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This section assumes you have already installed the Blowfish theme.
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Blowfish is a highly customisable theme and uses some of the latest Hugo features to simplify how it is configured.
Homepage Layout
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Blowfish provides a fully flexible homepage layout.