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Simple, yet powerful. Learn how to use Blowfish and its features.

This section contains everything you need to know about Blowfish. If you’re new, check out the Installation guide to begin or visit the Samples section to see what Blowfish can do.


Welcome to Blowfish
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Blowfish is packed with tons of features.


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Simply follow the standard Hugo Quick Start procedure to get up and running quickly.
Getting Started
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This section assumes you have already installed the Blowfish theme.
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Blowfish is a highly customisable theme and uses some of the latest Hugo features to simplify how it is configured.
Homepage Layout
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Blowfish provides a fully flexible homepage layout.
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Thumbnails # Blowfish was enhanced in order to make it easy to add visual support to your posts.
Front Matter
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In addition to the default Hugo front matter parameters, Blowfish adds a number of additional options to customise the presentation of individual articles.
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In addition to all the default Hugo shortcodes, Blowfish adds a few extras for additional functionality.
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Analytics # Blowfish provides built-in support for Fathom Analytics and Google Analytics.
Multiple Authors
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Some websites have more than one author contributing with content and therefore require more than a single default author across the entire website.